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Cheap RC Planes Club Trainer Ready To Fly EPO 1265mm

To get cheap rc planes is not difficult if we care about it. First flight today very stable and very well trimmed straight out of the box! Easy to build and great value for money. Very surprised at how good this trainer is.This rc plane very easy to fly, and easy to assembly. What you need just some little time to finish it. With some common basic knowledge of rc plane, everybody can build it within 1 hour.

If you or your local club are looking for an affordable, reliable and tough trainer then the Club Trainer is just the ticket!

Designed to fly like a traditional nitro trainer, our electric Club Trainer is bound to please instructors and student pilots alike. Constructed entirely of crash resistant EPO foam and reinforced in all the areas that get stressed in rough ‘arrivals’, which are all part of the learning process. Our Club Trainer will fly all day long and keep asking for more!

Featuring a strong wing retained by elastic bands, a strong tricycle undercarriage (with sprung, steerable nose gear) and an externally accessible battery hatch – it also has contrasting top and bottom color schemes that will assist new pilots with their orientation at a distance.

To top it off the model is supplied as ‘Ready To Fly’ meaning it comes as a complete package with a 4 channel 2.4 Ghz Radio System, motor, Battery and charger.

Building is simply a matter of joining the wing halves, fitting the tail and landing gear in place and you are done – everything else is supplied pre-installed for you.

Charge up the 1800mAh 3s (11.1v) Lipoly battery with the supplied mains charger and to take to the skies!

Wingspan: 1265mm
Length: 1170mm
Motor: 1000kv outrunner (included)
Esc: 30Amp (included)
Servos: 4 x 9g (included)
Propeller: 10×6 (2 included)
Radio: 4 Channel Mode2 (throttle on Left stick – included)

8 ‘AA’ batteries for the transmitter


Here are some questions for this cheap rc planes

f i crash the plane to bits can i use its parts? do they come apart like regular parts or are they like Horizon Hobby kind of parts?(i never bought a plane from here just parts) so maybe if i fail during flight i can just make a whole new different plane with foam or something.. so is it ??
 This is one of a few that you can buy all separate parts in case you brake one. The parts for it are inexpensive and this is an amazing trainer plane, recomend to stick w original set up.. Crashing is inevitable so recomend you get an instructor at a club (they teach for the love of it, for free).

Don’t hesitate to buy this cheap rc planes, cause it worth to buy. May be this is the best one for you. Wanna try?


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Ivan March 10, 2015
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