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Breeze RC Planes For Beginners HobbyKing Glider Kits

If you’re looking for the perfect trainer, a stable FPV platform or simply a relaxing Sunday flyer, have a look at this! The Breeze is a good looking “pod and boom” style glider that is just as the name implies – a real “Breeze RC Planes For Beginners” to fly. Not only is it easy to fly, it’s easy to build as well.

The Breeze features a combination of ultra-durable EPO foam and carbon fiber construction making it not only lightweight but also very durable. The wing simply attaches with rubber bands making it simple to install and crash resistant. Perfect for new pilots and for FPV use where landing can sometimes be a bit tricky. The nose is moulded of soft, shock absorbing rubber allowing it to take a real beating should you have any rough landings.

This version of the breeze is in KIT form meaning that you will need to add your own electronics. You will need 9g servos x 4, 20A brushless ESC, 28mm brushless outrunner motor, 4ch radio system and 3S lipoly battery to complete this Breeze RC Planes For Beginners.

An optional foam canopy cover is included that offers two flat mounting surfaces for easy installation of an FPV gear. It also offers optional flaps, you will simply need to add your own flap servos for use. This makes it very easy to use this model for FPV flying right out of the box!


Breeze RC Planes For Beginners Features:

• KIT form – choose your own electronics to complete this model
• Ultra durable EPO foam construction
• Carbon fiber tail boom keeps the model light while offering excellent rigidity
• Stable flight characteristics make it perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike
• Excellent FPV platform including an optional FPV canopy mount
• Simple bolt together design


Breeze RC Planes For Beginners Specs:

Length: 1030mm
Wingspan: 1400mm
Flying Weight: 630~700g


Breeze RC Planes For Beginners Required:

4ch transmitter and receiver
28mm brushless outrunner motor (1500~1800KV recommended)
20A brushless ESC
3S 1800mAh lipoly battery
4 x 9g servo (2 x additional servos if using optional flaps)


You can get this HobbyKing Breeze RC Planes For Beginners [HERE]

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