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Hobbyking RC Airplane Simulator 6 Channel

RC Airplane Simulator is important for beginner in rc planes. It helps to reduce crash cost when practicing to fly rc plane. There are so many model that can be flown in this rc airplane simulator. Easy installation guide will help to to setup your won rc simulator. This is a must for rc pilot.

Perfect for beginners and experienced pilots alike, the new Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System is a great way to learn or perfect your flying skills. With many different flying sites and models to choose from such as helicopters, airplanes and gliders, the Hobbyking Simulator System offers something for everyone. This complete system includes a Mode 2 (throttle on left side) 6CH radio w/USB cable and FMS flight simulator software. No complicated setup is required. Simply install the FMS software, plug in the radio and you’re ready to fly. This system sells for a fraction of the cost of other simulators currently on the market, making it an excellent value!


RC Airplane Simulator Minimum System Requirements:

Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98
Intel Pentium 600 CPU
32MB 3D display card
128MB memory
10GB hard disk space
52x CD-ROM drive
USB 1.0/2.0


You can buy this Hobbyking RC Airplane Simulator [HERE]

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Ivan November 4, 2015
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