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Signal loss Alarm And Lost Plane Finder

Worry to lose your rc plane when flown it? You can use this lost plane finder, small device that will help you to find your rc planes if that happen to you. This Signal loss Alarm will turn on when you can communicate  your TX with your rc plane. The high sound alarm will guide you to your rc plane location.

Signal loss Alarm & Lost Plane Finder, simple device that plugs into any servo/rx port, will detect the loss of TX signal and emit a loud 85dB alarm. Ideal for warning you if you have not turned off your RX power supply while in the pits, or if you are having trouble finding a model in the long grass, simply turn off your TX and within a minute, the alarm will sound!


Lost Plane Finder Specs:

Weight: 4.5g
Operating Voltage: 4v~6v
Current Drain: 1~35mAh


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Ivan November 4, 2015
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