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Cheap Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Kit Frame With Power System

Great fpv quadcopter kit. Flies very smooth on my Naza Lite. I don’t know if I’d use it as an FPV quadcopter kit though. It seems to be lacking a bit in agility. It can definitely handle the weight, but it doesn’t feel as powerful as my mini quads even with the bigger motors. It also seems to be easily affected by wind. I’m guessing that scale like body shell acts as a sail against strong wind. Aside from that, love the menacing looks. Good amount of room to mount electronics and everything is quite well thought out. There seems to be a place for everything. I also like that the wires are all included inside a shell so you’ll never have to worry about wires getting lose and getting caught on the props.

The Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Kit started life as a H-quad giving the camera a forward unobstructed view of the sky ahead, as well as allowing for optimal equipment separation to minimise video transmission interfererence & perfect flight controller positioning. With a layout decided, a sleek purpose built molded frame was forged with an aluminum main spar and unibody strengthening. All the best provisions were taken into consideration, making the Venture the best FPV cross platform frame available with options and provisions beyond any other Quadcopter or Drone in its class.

The Venture fpv quadcopter kit has a center spar to which most components attach. The ESC mount/power distribution board has pre-fitted 20A Afro ESC’s and filtered FPV power lines. It also handles the centerline battery mounting. The Multi-mount FC position and Power module support can handle your choice of FC and remote UBEC/USB modules. The cross arms allow for in-tube wiring and the motor mounts not only look good, but protect the included 2213 MultiStar motors and have replaceable/optional landing skid options. The front arm mount houses a protected center camera mounting cube that can handle 30mm and smaller FPV cameras with vibration isolation pads. The lower molded unibody shell attaches to the arms and spar and has provisions for universal gimbal mounting and tall skids as an option. The lower shell also has a rigid top cross roll bar/GPS mount and a mounting cube for the FPV transmitter. The upper shell is vacuum formed poly carbonate for a balance in weight and strength and lends well to customizing. Access ports have been made for all types of gear so maintenance is a snap.

Most of the setup has been done for you, so all you need is to add your own flight controller board, radio and FPV equipment. This is perfect for those who know what they like, but don’t want to have to spend countless hours building it. The Venture is a refined evolution of multi-rotor DNA, and exemplifies cross use without compromise.

Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Kit Features:

• Unibody and spare construction
• Quad esc mounting/PDB with filtered FPV power
• Protected stylish Motor Mounts
• Universal gimbal mounting and tall skid options
• Provisions for all types of equipment pre-molded
• Styled looks with true functionality
• Pre-installed motors and ESC’s

Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Kit Specs:

Wheelbase: 430mm
Weight: 440g
Max prop: 8~10inch
FC mounting: Universal plate and 45mm
Power Distribution: 4 Afro 20A esc pre- installed with XT60 power lead
Motors: 2213 935KV Multistar Motors pre-installed
FPV camera mount: 30mm and smaller
FPV TX: 31x42mm
Gimbal Mounting: 45mm square and 40mm centerline

Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Frame Kit Included:

Quanum Venture FPV frame
4 x Afro 20A esc pre-installed
4 x 2213 935kv Multistar motors pre-installed
4 x Propellers 8×4.5
Wrench set

Quanum Venture FPV QuadCopter Frame Kit Recommended Parts:

5ch Radio
2200~3300 3s battery
DJI/HK PILOT/CC3D/Naze32/KK flight controller
FPV Gear

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