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RC Plane Beginner Sky Easy Glider 2.4G 4Ch 1050mm RTF

Sky Easy Glider 2.4G 4Ch 1050mm RTF is very easy to fly rc plane beginner. With it’s light weight it makes the rc plane very easy to fly and durable. Epo foam material make it strong and durable. This characteristic is very suitable for beginner rc pilot. With low price, this RC plane beginner is very worth to buy.

Looking for something that is easy to assemble, crash resistant, yet a blast to fly? Then Sky Easy Glider is for you!

Made out of tough EPO foam to handle those little incidents that are part and parcel with learning to fly R/C, the Sky Easy Glider is a great beginner’s model.

Featuring a pre installed Motor, ESC and servos, which make setting her up out of the box a very straight forward process that won’t take more than 15-20 minutes, a comprehensive instruction manual is included. It even comes with a screwdriver, foam glue and a spare propeller!

Included with this model is a 4 channel 2.4ghz radio, a 1000mah 2s Lipo and a basic Lipo charger – that’s everything you need to go flying apart from 4 AA batteries!

The Sky Easy Glider has motor, elevator, rudder and aileron controls for great maneuver ability, whilst the beginner friendly poly-dihedral wing enhances the models in-flight stability, ensuring new pilots enjoy successful flights.

A perfect gift for the budding R/C Pilot!

  • RC Plane Beginner Spec:
    Wing span: 1050mm
    Length: 863mm
    AUW: 370g
    Motor: 2730 – 2000Kv (included)
    ESC: 15amp (included)
    Battery: 2s 1000mah 15c Lipo (included)
    Radio: 4 channel 2.4 Ghz (Mode 2 – Throttle on the left) (included)
    Servo: 1 x 8g; 2 x 6g (included)



  • RC Plane Beginner Requires:
    4 x AA BatteriesNote: The receiver is supplied inside the transmitter’s battery compartment!


This is a great RC beginner plane! It can take a beating and recovers easily. It is also easier to fly than the Floater in my opinion. I did switch out the RX/TX with something of better quality. I would recommend this plane to any new flyers- it’s really fun! The best RC Plane Beginner to Buy

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Ivan April 1, 2015
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